the Sophia

  • $400.00

This fabulous piece is comprised of both fair-trade sterling Bali and plain sterling beads, and peacock freshwater pearls, all hand-wrapped to lengths of sterling chain, measuring 99” long and finished with 4” tassels to sway and dance. This piece was inspired by a silk scarf and created to be worn flowing down the back – however its versatility is amazing! At 99” long, it can be worn wrapped around the neck like a choker, draped down the back, worn in 3 graduating loops, wrapped around the waist, wrapped around the wrist. You may also fold it in half, wrap it once around the neck, and slip the tasseled ends through the half-way end – see picture for details.

A different option of this same piece is the Sophia Lite – a 60” version. Slightly less dramatic but just as beautiful and original, this necklace is plenty long enough to drape and sway.