Discs Unite!

  • $52.00

Two discs of sterling silver and two of pure copper dance lightly at the ears, proclaiming originality and crafstmanship to one and all! The first disc is pure copper, textured with a small hammer for diminuitive dimples. The second is sterling silver, brushed in 3 directions to a satin finish. The third disc is pure copper of a unique and natural dark red color – created with heat, not chemicals. The last disc is finished to a mirror shininess. They are connected together by small fused sterling silver rings, for durability, and hang from a handmade sterling silver ear wire – 3 1/4” of elegant insouciance. Should 3 1/4” be a bit more of a statement than you desire, we can do just three discs, or even just two – pick out the ones you like the best. Play with it! Personalize it!

The Argentium sterling silver that I use is 100% recycled, and assays out at 93 % pure silver, which is more easily tolerated by folks with allergies. (It also contains absolutely NO nickel!!)