's March already!

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Well, here we are, at the cusp of spring already. Winter didn’t seem as endless for me this year – perhaps because while it was cold, it didn’t snow all that much, or perhaps because I had an indoor job this winter – that’ll take the edge off, I tell you what!! No chain-saw cutting in the snow, no Camelback frozen solid, no numb ass, well, apart from those long, arduous days making beautiful jewelry, NCIS on in the background, my husband coming in every few hours to kiss me on the forehead. Yeah, I love my new life. Unfortunately, my learning curve has been steep, and while I am oodles ahead of where I WAS, I am not yet where I wish to be. So soon I shall be looking for a part-time job, to bolster his retirement check, to contribute something financial to our lives together. I’m bummed but not broken, you could say. By this time next year, I plan to be a fully self-sufficient jeweler, answerable to no one but you, my customer.

On the YAY!! side, I did speak to a few places in Santa Fe and in Taos when I went visiting last month, and I have a few more venues. Crown Jewels in Santa Fe is a little piece of wonderland – enter this establishment and you are immediately encouraged to don a tiara – how cool is that I LOVE this shop, LOVE the owner Shanna and very much look forward to seeing my jewelry selling like hotcakes there. I sold a few bracelets to Emily Ruffin’s shop in Taos – she called me yesterday to say she may have an order for another, which is just cool-diddly-awesome (my usual expressions of enthusiasm, left over from 8 years of fighting fire and hanging w/ the guys, tend to look somewhat crass in print, so we are exploring new avenues of expression :) – the other shop which really impressed me in Taos has a two page WAITING LIST of jewelers wanting to be represented. All I could do was say meekly “thank you”, and “please add me to the list”. Someday – I guess I have something to look forward to there, huh? Someone here in town mentioned to me – I am TOTALLY going to apply for admission there – and do the Las Vegas wholesale show – cross your fingers for me. Could be the big time! And then there is Donalee Designs in WI - I met her in the fall and she asked for some things on consignment for this spring, so I do have work to do, sales to make, and hope to be had. I’ll keep you informed – in the meantime, it’s time to go make stuff! Look for some new bracelets next week, and think of Sterling Bliss for you gift-giving needs, your wedding parties, your presents-to-self – I’m here for your custom jewelry needs!

Blessings, Sam

ps – web links to new venues to appear shortly. Write me with any ideas, requests, or funnies that tickle you – Sam

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