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 Hello, is anybody out there? I have had a few comments from friends who have actually READ my sad neglected fount of ...words, so perhaps I should put something else out there. I *thought* I had written a whole bit about Argentium Sterling Silver, but see it nowhere, so perhaps that was just a particularly vivid dream. Who blogs in their dreams? Maybe I'll find it somewhere.

So I have taken a break from watching Hoarders and doing Soduko, dusted off my camera, and TAKEN SOME PHOTOS!! Of jewelry!! Still learning to use the camera, still learning to use Adobe Lightroom - but the pics don't look half bad! I'm rather excited! Ever have a task that's so intimidating, so exacting, that you'll do anything rather than begin it? Me, too. Usually I use that procrastination/motivation to do something only slightly less yucky that I have been putting off. Example, you really don't want to clean out the dryer vent hose that goes outside, or haul 5 gallon buckets to water the trees, or mend holes in your favorite cashmere sweater - then suddenly, it's tax time, or oil-change time, and those tasks get done lickety split!  

So, what task is so horrible that it makes a Nikon camera (which could probably drive my car) seem easier by comparison? Um, I don't actually remember. Maybe I'm just wading through yucky land, crossing off tasks just so they don't overwhelm me. Either way, feels pretty good. I mean, I've been making jewelry like a crazy person, just haven't taken any photos of them for the website, to share with you - until now! :) See what you think, let me know  OH!! I remember why I am finally doing this!! I got an awesome email from a lady pointing out something wrong with one of my photos - motivated me to make a new piece, take the new photo - and while I'm at it, take a whole bunch more, edit them all, measure weigh and post them. Thanks Kay!! Not only do I feel better about my website (never did like that old photo) but I now have a great new friend. This one's for you, Kay - let me know how I did!

Any yucky/scary tasks you all have completed lately? Brag here, we're cheering for you!

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