New Year, new attitude

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Hello out there!! My husband, bless his soul, wasn’t happy with the speed of our computer, so he signed us up for a different provider. Email now takes up 20 minutes of my time, instead of an hour. The computer is so fast and effortless, I am encouraged to keep up with you, dear reader, and to update this site with a wider offering of jewelry, price points and choices. Choices are good, dontcha think?
I am currently fighting my tool addiction – have found a very precise and hot new torch for 1/2 of retail, brand new, here in Colorado Springs, and I WANT IT. Notice I didn’t say that I needed it. I HAVE a torch, not so precise, not so hot, and I hate using it. I am currently working on a custom ring (not my first, but my first to sell) and I want to add rings to my site, but I HATE this torch. So I shall try to make do with some smaller tips – nahhh, F. it, I’m buying a new torch. Yesterday, while fooling around with my old one, I practised fusing fine silver – way more fun than soldering, with no flux, no solder to worry about – at just the precise instant where the silver melts, you pull the heat away, and your PERFECTLY flush ends join on their own. Like buttah, I tell you. I’m averaging one in three success – the other two melt. My learning curve, what can I say?
So, in the interest of catching up, since I last posted I have turned 40 (no big deal), impaled my foot on my bent-nose pliers (OUCH), and had my first grandchild (husband’s a little older than me – his daughter had her first girl, and we have a BEAUTIFUL little baby named Saxon Grace in the family. BIG Happy Happy!!)

Oh, and I got a Wii for my birthday and I am totally obsessed with Rayman’s Raving Rabbids.
So that’s my news – check back here for more next month – I’ll let you know if I possess a new piece of equipment! I have (drumroll please) just enabled the “comments” section of the blog – didn’t know it was disabled, but there again is my learning curve. So, dear reader, should you care to comment on my site, my work, my words, whatevah, do so – after reading your comment to be sure you are not spamming, swearing or spitting, I shall post it posthaste. (Get it, post..posthaste, ummm…. never mind. I’m off to shoot rabbids with musical plungers.)

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