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Ahhh, the last day of June – a blog is (over)due. Well, my personal life is all drama, per usual, AND I have discovered a new passion!! A new passion? You may well ask, but one moment, and all will be clear!! I have recently been introduced to HEALTHY CHOCOLATE. Oh yeah, you read that right. I have not had chocolate in the two years it has been since Herr Doctor informed me of a possible migraine link. Well, OK, I’ve eaten enough chocolate to notice that, once again, he knows his stuff. And mine, too, apparently. Chocolate does indeed give me 60 blissful seconds of pure nirvana, and some indeterminate time later, 12 to 36 hours of praying to die. I never noticed the link before (although I resentfully suspected) because it’s sort of a cumulative thing – I can eat some one day and be totally fine – eat a little the next and I’m IN PAIN. Or eat a little on an empty stomach and then feel it 20 minutes later as stormclouds of pain. But eat a decent piece on a full stomach and no pain. Well, Xocai is different!! No, I mean different!! Not only does it NOT cause migraines, I have lost 5 pounds and 2 inches off my waist (in 2 weeks!!) I AM LOSING WEIGHT BY EATING CHOCOLATE!! All my prayers have been answered!! And not only is it healthy, it’s soooooo good. Pure quality dark chocolate, cold-processed with acai berry and blueberry. I’ve written more about its healthy qualities – go to the Healthy Chocolate page. Haven’t quite figured out how to offer it for sale here, but I will. If you’re interested, let me know. I see a bright future for something as decadent as chocolate, that’s actually GOOD for you!! Cheers – Sam

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