New Year, New..Me?

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 Hello again - it's been awhile, I know, but I'm back - hope I still have a few readers out there. I'm starting the new year off the same way I usually do, with a few resolutions for a better year. Each year I try to be a little more realistic, judging from the success (or lack) of the previous resolves. This year my resolutions are two; I am trying, every day, to do *more* of the things which make me feel better about myself, and *less* of the things I may WANT to do but which make me feel guilty. Like eat an entire bag of my homemade toffee - yeah, it feels great at the time, but the next day I feel disgusting - fat, hungover from all that sugar, and ashamed of myself. My hope is that such a humble resolve will result in a less 'shamed', more 'quietly proud', me. The other half of this is to reflect, last thing before I drift off, on the things which I accomplished that day which have made me happy. My second resolve, a cliche I know, is to get 1/2 hour of exercise each and every day, and the days which I skip add up, but not in a shamed way. I try my best to get my half hour, because I've gotten to the point where that 1/2 hour actually DOES make me feel better physically -  more energetic, more limber, breathing better, and because of resolution #1. If I don't have time, can't stand the thought of it, whatever, no big deal, not going to work myself up about it - I just do a full hour the next day. I L.O.V.E. to sweat but HATE to exercise - the mind numbing boredom, the lack of productivity - focussing on how good it feels to have DONE it, rather than the sublime (yeah, right) experience of DOING it, helps me a lot. And I don't want to pull into the second half of life all crippled up and pathetic.

OK!! enough about that, personal, exercise, old age and all! I have been taking a silk-dyeing class and I am SO EXCITED to start making fabulous luxuriant silk scarves - I mixed up some awesome colors last class - a rich deep teal, a warm cinnabar red, a perfect milk chocolate, a moody gray-blue and a serviceable olive green - now I need to order my own dyes so I can compliment these with some base colors, or different tones. I also want to do a whole series of 'sky' scarves - indigo shibori on white ground, moody gray-blue with rain drops falling, blue streaked with white cirrus - I want to make scarves that reflect some of the majesty and moodiness of the beautiful Colorado sky I see all around me.

I've also been thinking of which pieces of jewelry are essential in every woman's wardrobe - next month I will post my list, and you can see what you think. Feel free to comment with some ideas - obviously one woman's essential may not be everybody's.

Have a wonderful, happy day - I am off to prep for taxes (see resolution #1) and walk in the snow (#2). Blessings! Sam

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