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Greetings to any and all. I can’t believe it’s fall already!! I have FINALLY found the wherewithall to rephoto my jewelry – I’m loving the brilliant green backgrounds, but have no idea how I’ll keep this up here in the mountains, where winter lasts… oh, about 8 months. Seriously. My tomato plants are still in bloom (boy are they in for a surprise right quick!!). Yes, school buses are awakening from their summer hibernation, children are crawling out of the woodwork, weekend camping forays are taking on the edge of desperation, and…oh hell, what do I care – I work from home!! I get to wear BOOTS and KNITS and thrift store CASHMERE and VELVET! That’s right – it’s the scrumptious textiles time of year!! (And I am SO into grey this fall – I want grey boots or booties, and grey patent platform pumps, and grey nail polish, and just everything in a rich, medium blue-grey – I’ll even take heathered grey if I have to! To assuage this urgent need, I have purchased….the nail polish. And some eyeshadow called “Dove”. We’ll see where that takes us. Although I bet I could talk my husband into buying me grey booties, just because of the name. Hehe.)
I have some new weaves for your enjoyment (and mine, let’s be honest, I’m forever trying them out), namely the Persian and the European 4-in-1, and the Denver Bead Show is coming to town – always the high point of my season.
In the spirit of the season (cabin fever season, that is), I have purchased a 4 drawer filing cabinet off Craig’s List, and am organizing, starting with anything on paper. My goal is to create a place for every little thing, and my mantra has become, “everything has a home.” Now when I see STUFF lying around, there is a 50% chance that I know EXACTLY where it should be, and I can put it there. I say 50% because I am still in the process of organizing. I tell you what though, I feel (50%) better about my clutter, and the prospect of living amongst it all winter long.It’s a good feeling.

If you feel like getting out, and enjoying our beautiful weather while we still have it, I will be at the Holly Berry House, at Rock Ledge Ranch, Sept. 18-20, then at the Art of Living Show at Rich Living Designs the following Saturday, Sept. 26.

Further shows will be posted here first, emailed out to my faithful mailing list next. Drop me a line if you’d like to be added to the list – I don’t sell or share your info, and I send out show updates 3-4 times a year. Thank so much, and happy harvest!!

Susan “Sam” Kaffine

ps let me know if you prefer the leafy backgrounds or the plain white – I could use the feedback. Thanks!!

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