April showers

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Well, how is YOUR spring going? Mine is, well, abundant. So far this month I have spent a(nother) week in Santa Fe – I was the “Nutha Mutha” for my best friend’s 8 yr. old twins. Being a mom is scary!! All that responsibility – I swear I didn’t get one good night’s sleep – I kept worrying about oversleeping, what to cook for dinner the next night, what if I scar them psychologically, what if the solar panels blow over in the wind, or the dog runs away, or the mice get out of the cage, or…you get the picture. I think probably you get used to it, and sleep, eventually, but as a single person, or “nonMom”, I just never realized the depth of the worry. It must be like the Taos hum – always present to one degree or another, but ignored for the sake of sanity. Or maybe I just think too much – I’ve been told that.
Then I had a week at home, trying to “burglar-proof” it – the theft of my motorcycle last spring has impacted me negatively. My good friend Kati, who is a saint, came by to open and close drapes – she even left footprints in fresh snow so the house looked lived in! I felt so much better knowing she was looking after our house while I was in CA. I went for a week, to spend Easter with my family. It was amazing, especially because I always work myself into a froth before a family visit, dredging up the ghosts of conflicts past, and it’s NEVER as bad as I remember. I split wood with my dad, visited my grandmothers, played with my little niece, talked with my mom – it was the nicest Easter I’ve had in a long time. I got to see my sister’s new house – if you are in need of an excellent realtor in the Sacramento region, I highly recommend Kat Kelly. I just had a great time. I guess we’ve all spent enough time elbowing each other out of our respective spaces, that we know the boundaries now. Or maybe we’re just older and a little more patient with each other. Whatever the reason, I am nothing short of blessed.
What else, you ask? Well, I have signed up with Wholesalecrafts.com – Sterling Bliss will be represented there for wholesale purchase the globe over – I’m also doing the wholesale show in Las Vegas in June – verrry exciting! And I was accepted to the Vail Fine Arts Festival, and on standby for the Telluride Festival. I’ll post show dates on my website here when they’re finalized.
Any thoughts, ideas or comments? I’d love to hear from you – it’s somehow easier to speak when you know someone is listening.
One last thought here on my side. I’ve been thinking about faith. I responded to a post to the Ganoskin blog from someone who was taking a leap of faith in their business, and I wrote (for my benefit as well as hers) that if taking the leap, to follow your heart, were easy, everyone would do it and it would be commonplace. But it isn’t. Because it’s difficult, and it’s scary. I have noticed that the people who make it big, who get rich, who invent things, who make a name for themselves – they’re the ones who don’t quit. They take the big risk, and they pick themselves up if (when) they get knocked down, and they try again. Yeah, we’ve all heard this before. But, you know, you never read that people on their deathbeds wish that they’d been more cautious. So maybe that’s something we could all hear again, and again. Until it sinks in, and we ALL follow our dreams, and support each other in that scariness. It’s like spring in the Rockies, you know. I am TIRED of snow, and hail, and more snow, and it seems like buds and sunshine will NEVER come – except that somewhere under that heavy white stuff, little green spears are already stubbornly inching towards the sun. They have faith that the snow will melt, that the sun will shine, that the world has everything they require to fulfill their life’s mission. I guess I can aspire to the same faith that a blade of grass has.
Happy Spring, and Blessings in your journey.

Susan (Sam) Kaffine

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