I believe in classics. I believe in natural gems, real pearls, metals that are rash-free, and in business ethics. I believe in jewelry that makes you feel like a goddess, like a superhero; a little more like the essential YOU.

I believe in elegance, in luxury for everyday. I believe in feeling good. I believe in learning something new every day, that helping someone else helps oneself, and in windchimes. I believe in raw vegetables, in laughing in bed, in sunlight and in swimming and in really good scotch.

My name is Sam Kaffine. I live in the mountains of CO with my wonderful husband and a turtle named Jake. I make jewelry because it satisfies me deeply to create objects of beauty. I named my endeavor Sterling Bliss, because that is what making jewelry means, to me.
I started making jewelry in 1997, when I moved to a little artist’s community south of Santa Fe; Madrid. There, supplies are plentiful and making art is an accepted and commonplace pursuit. I was drawn to freshwater pearls for their organic quality – the knobbier and the more character, the better. I began placing my jewelry in friends’ galleries, then in friends of friends’ – I currently show my work in several galleries – you can find them on the “Contact Us” page.

Sterling Bliss incorporates only quality materials. Real semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, sterling silver, copper or 12K goldfill, handblown glass (artist’s name noted where possible) and Swarovski crystals are used exclusively. Changes in the precious metals market will be reflected in our prices.

Handmade chain is created by wrapping half-hard sterling, copper, etc. wire around a mandrel and cutting into individual rings. These rings are woven into a pattern, usually the Byzantine pattern unless otherwise noted, and tumble-hardened for 6 hours. The chain is then polished and a clasp attached. See item description for the clasp description and picture. We carry a beautiful infinity or “figure-eight” lobster clasp, a convenient magnet (lighter neck pieces only), a toggle (ring-and-bar) clasp and a handmade “S” clasp, if you’d care to customize.

Special orders are welcome – we are happy to customize any item for you. Would you like a different length, different materials, different colors? Feel free to design a one-of-a-kind, utterly unique masterpiece – we can make it real!! Please note, all custom gold pieces other than 12K GF will require a 50% deposit.

Returns are not a problem – just email us first, within one month of purchase, and we’ll facilitate a full refund. After one month, refunds will be negotiated on an individual basis.

If you have any questions or special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sam@sterlingbliss.com.

Thank you for shopping at Sterling Bliss!